Points System

A point system will be used to determine the Player of the Year for the 2014 Season.

At each weekly Tournament players will earn points based on their Net scores and standings for the week. These points will be in effect from the 1st tournament of the year up to and including the September 27th tournament for a total of 24 weeks.

Each weekly Tournament will be designated as either a "Regular" or a "Major" Tournament. The Major Tournaments will see the points doubled for all participants.

The Player of the Year will be determined by the 1 player who accumulates the most points throughout the course of the year.

The following table illustrates the breakdown for the point distribution.

Division Winners 25 Points
1st Low Net score 18 Points
2nd Low Net score 15 Points
3rd Low Net score 12 Points
4th Low Net score 10 Points
5th Low Net score 8 Points
6th Low Net score 6 Points
7th Low Net score 4 Points
8th Low Net score 2 Points
9th to last Net Score 1 Point