Meet the Founding Members

Bob, Ken, Michael and Marty came together in the fall of 2013 to create the Pacific Canadian Golf Association.

Bob is one of the original founding Members of the Club, bringing his vision for a New Golf League to the forefront in 2013. His passion for the game of golf along with his organizational skills has been evident in his involvement in other Associations over the years. He now brings that same level of commitment to the Pacific Canadian Golf Association.

Ken teamed up with Bob in 2013 to put their ideas together to form the P.C.G.A. For the past several years he has been involved in the management of other golf organizations and now brings the experiences he has gained in the past to the new Club.

Michael was recruited as a founding Member for his past experience in the management of Golf organizations. His past duties as a Financial Officer in other Clubs will be vital in the success of our new Club. Along with his past experience Michael adds a level of enthusiasm that is sure to spell success for the P.C.G.A.

Martin was also recruited to round out the Organizing Committee. His work in the past with other successful Sports Organizations will be invaluable in the future of the Club. With his years of experience not only in the sports organization management but also as a business owner Martin brings a unique perspective to the daily operations of the P.C.G.A.

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