Club By-Laws and Rules

Contact Information: Ken Emerson (604) 588-9923, or cell # (604) 619-4946

1. Introduction:

1.1 Pacific Canadian Golf Association is a stroke play Men's Golf League; Members must be male and abide by all League rules.

1.2 The number 1 Rule is play fast! Be ready to hit! Keep it moving!

1.3 The League will play on Saturdays, from April to October.

2. League Officers

2.1 The League Officers are Ken Emerson, Dave Hollinshead, Darren Tromans, Corey Garrett and Eric Papuc.

3. Rules Committee / Disputes / Decisions

3.1 The Rules Committee will consist of the League Officers.

3.2 Rules Committee can make League and Local Rules pertaining to League play at any time including but not limited to matters which affect points, standings, rule interpretation, etc. All League disputes, violations and penalties are subject to review by the Rules Committee.

3.3 The Rules Committee may consult any outside party including parties involved, any witnesses and / or course head golf pro. The decisions made by the Rules Committee are final.

4. League Fees

4.1 The 2020 season League Memberships are $100 per Member plus green fees at each tournament as set by the League Officers. All Membership and green fee payments can be made by Cheque or Cash. Weekly green fees are paid to the Club. Members may bring Guests to any events, Male and Female guests are welcome at any Tournament.

4.2 An extra $10 "optional" fee will be collected each week for KP, Deuce and Net Skins game prize money. Members can enter any or all of the optional side-pots. Guests may only enter the KP pot.

5. League Set-up

5.1 League competition (28 weeks) Individual stroke play with handicap format. (Net Scores)

5.2 Each weekly tournament will be divided into 2 Division, the Masters and the Players. The players entered and their handicaps will determine divisions for any given week. The winners of each Division will receive a cash prize split evenly based on the number of players x $5.

5.3 League Point system (for Player of the Year designation). Players will earn points at each tournament based on their Net scores. The point system is as follows:

Division Winners 25 pts. 5th Low Net 8 pts.
1st Low Net 18 pts. 6th Low Net 6 pts.
2nd Low Net 15 pts. 7th Low Net 4 pts.
3rd Low Net 12 pts. 8th Low Net 2 pts.
4th Low Net 10 pts. 9th to last low net 1 pt.

Points will be doubled for Tournaments designated as "Majors" as determined by the League Officers.

5.4 Club Championship series will be held over a 4 week period at the end of the season to be determined by the League Officials. All paid up Members are quaiified for the Club Championhsips. All qualified players will be divided into 2 Divisions prior to the start of the Series and will remain in those Divisions for the remainder of the Championships. Each players total Net Scores based on their best 3 rounds of the 4 round series will determine the Club Champions.

5.5 Singles Match Play event is open to the first 16 entries. Format will be a double knockout event with play beginning on April 14th and run every 2nd week until August 15th. Net scores will be used with current handicaps.

Handicapping and Adjusted Scores.

See Handicap page

7.Cancellations / Rainouts.

7.1 Players are responsible for green fee payments charged to the Club for all cancellations and no shows. A player may find a substitute player to take his place at any event.

7.2 In the event of rain or other weather related incidents the host Course will determine if the course is playable, If it is deemed to be unplayable the event will be cancelled and no charges will be levied. It is expected that all players show up at each event unless contacted by the League Officials.

8.Tee Times and Flight Schedules.

8.1 Tournament confirmations must be made by the Sunday prior to all events. Players wishing to confirm after this time will be on a first come basis if spots are available.

8.2 The tee times and flight pairings will be determined on the Tuesday prior to each event and will be made available on the Website.

8.3 All tee times and flight pairings will be randomly selected for each week.

8.4 If any player requires the use of a power-cart he should indicate this in the space available on the Tournament sign-up page when confirming his spot. Every effort will be made to pair players together that require carts.

8.5 Special considerations will be made for players that occasionally need early or late tee times for personal reasons.

8.6 Players will be expected to Register at the Course a minimum of 1/2 hour before their posted start time. If a player arrives late he will moved to the last flight, and not be eligible for the side pots.

9 League Play: "The Golf Rules"

9.1 All stroke play and Match Play events shall be played from the White Tees unless otherwise directed by the League Officials.

9.2 All Tournaments and Matches will be played under Summer Rules, which means - Play it as it Lies, unless otherwise directed by the League Officials.

9.3 Unfair Lie Rule: If your ball rests in ground which may be considered Under Repair, or unfair you may place a ball at the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole, without penalty, only after notifying and receiving permission from your opponent. A bunkered ball shall be placed in the bunker, if permission is not granted then the ball must be played as it lies.

9.4 No putts may be conceded. All putts must be holed out, failure to do so will result in the players elimination from all Cash Prizes.

9.5 Designated DROP AREAS will be used on all par 3's when available. You can place the ball within the DROP CIRCLE or when the ground inside the Circle is deemed to be unplayable, outside the CIRCLE no closer to the hole.

9.6 There is a MAXIMUM SCORE of DOUBLE PAR on any hole, after which the player must pick up and move to the next hole.

9.7 The standard Rules of Golf as designated by the R.C.G.A. will be used and adhered to for all Tournament events. Special "Club Rules" that are specific to our Club will be used in certain situations; the following is a list of the Rules to be used.

PENALTY: ADD 1 STROKE and use one of these Options.

  • Option 1: Place the ball and re-hit from approximately the same spot as your last shot. (A Provisional Ball)
  • Option 2: Place the ball 2 club lengths from where the ball lies or the point of entry, no closer to the hole.
  • Option 3: Keep the point of entry between yourself and the Flag and place the ball on this line, no closer to the hole, back as far as you want.

Unplayable Lie: Use Options 2 or 3.

Any Marked Hazard (Red or Yellow stakes): Use Options 2 or 3.

Special Situations:

OUT OF BOUNDS: as defined by white stakes, course boundaries, etc. Treat this as the rule for Lost Ball.

LOST BALL: If a Players ball is lost in an unmarked area anywhere off the main playing area, ie: rough, trees etc. it will be played like a marked hazard and option 2 or 3 will be used, this is a special "Club Rule" to speed up play.

10. Definitions:

10.1 Point of Entry: The last point where the ball crossed playable golf course - before becoming unplayable, whether going out of bounds, lost, or in a hazard or wooded area. If the shot never crosses playable golf course then use Option 1. If the player and the opponents disagree substantially where to spot the point of entry, it can be a compromised spot agreed to by both sides. Make a decision and GO!

10.2 Unplayable Lie: A player at any time can declare his ball unplayable and use Options 2 or 3.

10.3 If there are any RULES DISPUTES during a round a provisional ball can be played and the Rules Committee will make a decision. Committee decisions are final.

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