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In the fall of 2013 Bob Hayes and Ken Emerson began putting their ideas together with the intent of forming a new Golf League. With the addition of Martin Abel and Michael Anthony to the organizing committee and the concept for the League in place the Pacific Canadian Golf Association was officially formed. Together the founding Members bring over 30 years of combined knowledge and experience in the Organization and Management of Golf Leagues through their work with other associations.

Our mission is to promote and enhance the game of golf for Men through competition on the course and a friendly atmosphere to socialize after the round. Whether it is renewing old acquaintances or building new friendships, our Club is for everyone.

Our goal in the first year of operation is to form a solid Membership group and establish a format of play that will appeal to all players regardless of their golfing abilities. If you love Golf and feel that your handicap prohibits you from competing with other Clubs then our League is for you. Whether you're a scratch golfer or a 30-handicap you can compete in our League with the knowledge that everyone will welcome you. Making every tournament a pleasing experience is one of our main objectives.

A look to the Future The success of the first year will have a big impact on the future of the Pacific Canadian Golf Association. With a solid group of Members established we expect to grow upon the success of the first year and continue to build the League to new levels of enjoyment for all the players involved. In succeeding years the goal will be on increasing the Membership group while still remaining true to the mission of friendly competition and a social environment. With foresight and planning we fully expect the Pacific Canadian Golf Association to become one of the premier Golf Leagues in the Lower Mainland.

. To better serve the Members a series of Club Rules has been established to ensure the overall integrity of the league which all Members are expected to adhere to.

Each of the Directors can be contacted by the contact us page for all enquiries by the Members.

All Members are able to advertise any product or service that they may have available for the general Membership.

Sponsors for the Club are gladly accepted to help our Club in anyway possible.

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